The Collector's Guide to Praktina System
Hexacon Supreme

This camera is a Praktina FX-A with the label "HEXACON SUPREME" attached to the front. Available on the USA Market from Peerless, New York.

On Market Availability: 1956
Number Produced: Unknown

Identification of "Hexacon Supreme" Model

  "Hexacon Supreme" Label on the Front
  Diaphragm's Control Type 2   | Help |   One Flash Socket for "X" Synchronization   | Help |

Standard Lens: 1:2 F=58mm (BV Biotar)
Standard Finder: Eye Level and Matt Screen
Price List, 1956: USD 139.50

Hexacon Supreme with noname lens (Biotar preset) marked C.Z.Jena 1:2 F-58mm

Peerless Advertising, 1956
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