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Praktina IIA-DA

The last model of Praktina has an additional mechanism to control the lens diaphragm of the SB lenses and therefore it is possible to use properly all the SB and ASB lenses. Inside the camera there is a double mechanism. The first, on the left, engage the pin of ASB lenses and the second, on the right, engage the pin of SB lenses mounted on the camera rotated of 120 anticlockwise. The Praktina IIA-DA was marketed probably as model 1961 but without any advertising about this special feature. This model has a new film reminder disc with ASA 6-1600 / DIN 9-33 and the rewind crank. Some cameras have an accessory shoe on the top over the "KW" logo. In the written history of Kamera-Werke the production of Praktina is stopped in August 1960 but for the record the Praktina story ends definitely in 1964 when the last cameras disappear from the market.

Production Dates:  1960-?
Number Produced:  c. 5,000

Identification of Model IIA-DA

"Praktina IIA" stamped on the Front   | Help |
Diaphragm's Control Type 4   | Help |

Identification of different Types

Type 1:
Type 2:
  Logo on Top Cover Type 3   | Help |
  Logo on Top Cover Type 5   | Help |

Praktina IIA-DA Type 1 with automatic Jena T 2.8/50

Praktina IIA-DA Type 2 with automatic Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8/50

Praktina IIA - Working Instruction
Additional page for the Model IIA-DA

Advertising of Praktina Model 1961

Price List
Germany, 1961

  Body, Waist-level finder
  Body, Eye-level finder
  Body, Meter Prism finder
  Body, Waist-level finder, ASB Tessar 2.8/50
  Body, Waist-level finder, ASB Pancolar 2/50
  Body, Eye-level finder, ASB Tessar 2.8/50
  Body, Eye-level finder, ASB Pancolar 2/50
  Body, Meter Prism finder, ASB Tessar 2.8/50
  Body, Meter Prism finder, ASB Pancolar 2/50
  Focusing screen with split-image rangefinder

DM 240
DM 280
DM 310
DM 430
DM 535
DM 470
DM 575
DM 500
DM 605
DM 36

- Single lens reflex with picture format 24mm x 36mm on standard 135 cartridges
- Lens diaphragm's control for automatic and semi-automatic lenses
- Interchangeable reflex finder and focusing screen
- Eye-level optical finder incorporated in the camera body
- Camera back hinged and removable
- Interchangeable lens via breech-lock and Praktina bayonet mount
- Mirror returns with film advance
- Shutter focal plane with cloth curtain B 1 2 4 8 15 30 X 60 125 250 500 1000 (X = 1/40)
- Self-timer
- Frame counter with manual setting shows the number of frames exposed
- Motor Coupling Socket on the base section of the camera
- Knob for film winding and knob with rapid rewind crank
- Film type reminder disc
- Serial number in the film cartridge chamber
- Finder lock on the camera bottom
- Tripod socket size: 1/4"
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