The Collector's Guide to Praktina System
Praktina Accessories

Kamera-Werke produced a great quantity of accessories for the Praktina cameras. They are classified in the following groups: Viewfinders, Motor and Winder, 17m Magazine Back, Close-up, Stereo and Miscellaneous Accessories. A further group list briefly the accessories produced for the Praktina from other manufacturers.

Eyelevel Finder, Waist-level Finder, Eye-level Finder with Meter, High-magnification Finder, Right-angle Viewing Attachment, Bottom Cover for Finder, Focusing Screens, Eyecup, Correction Lenses, Accessory Adapter

Motor and Winder
Rapid Lever Wind, Rapid Sequence Spring Winder, Electric Motor with Magnetic Remote Control

17m Magazine Back
17m Magazine Back for up to 450 standard exposures

Close-up and Macro-photography
Bellows Focusing Attachment, Auto Ring with Double Cable Release, Reversing Ring, Auto Extension Ring Set, Manual Extension Ring Set, Macro Ring Set, 1:1 Auto Ring, Microscope Attachment

Stereo System
Stereo Finder with Carl Zeiss Jena Stereo Lens Attachments and Viewer

Miscellaneous Accessories
Camera Cases, Finder Cases, Lens Hoods

Accessories from other manufacturers
Accura: Manual Extension Ring Set, Rapid Lever Wind
BMT: Bellows Focusing Attachment, Adapter Rings
Kopil: Bellows Focusing Attachment
Novoflex: Bellows Focusing Attachment, Adapter Rings
Titania: Bellows Focusing Attachment, Manual Extension Ring Set

Carl Zeiss Jena: Adapter Rings for lenses with interchangeable mount
Kilfitt: Adapter Rings for lenses with interchangeable mount
Meyer Optik: Adapter Rings for lenses with interchangeable mount
Japanese Manufacturers: Adapter Rings for lenses with "T" mount
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