The Collector's Guide to Praktina System
The first 35mm Single Lens Reflex System

The Praktina cameras were manufactured by Kamera-Werke, a German Company located in Niedersedlitz near Dresden.
The prototype was presented in 1952 with the name Praktina marked on the front. At the end of 1953 Kamera-Werke started the marketing of the Praktina cameras with the name Praktina FX. In 1958 Kamera-Werke presented a new model with the name Praktina IIA but only three years later Kamera-Werke took the decision to stop the production of these cameras. About 90,000 Praktina were sold from 1953 to 1964.

Praktina, Praktina FX and Praktina IIA Brochures

This well made camera is of great historical importance and represents a milestone in the development of the 35mm SLR. The Praktina was the first camera to get the full interchangeability of lenses, finders, focusing screens, camera back and motor capability. It was also the first SLR in the world to carry out the control of the lens diaphragm with a mechanism placed inside the camera body. With its lenses and accessories it is the first example of a professional 35mm SLR camera system. The Praktina holds for some years an outstanding position into specialized applications due to its original accessories as remote control of electric motor, 17m magazine back, special viewfinders and various scientific devices.

This site provides to the owners and collectors information about cameras, accessories and lenses. The Kamera-Werke sold the total production with the names "Praktina FX" or "Praktina IIA". To classify the production of Praktina cameras I have identified five different models coded as FX-DS, FX, FX-A, IIA and IIA-DA. These models are currently classified by type and version.

From 2011 the new Praktina Identification pages allow the easy identification of Model and Type of any Praktina FX and IIA.

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